3 Surprising Foods That Give You Seriously Bad Breath

3 Surprising Foods That Give You Seriously Bad Breath

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Haunted by halitosis?

Check your menu for these culprits—then reach for a simple-but-reliable bad breath cure like your toothbrush, sugarless gum, or a refreshing glass of water.


You already know that garlic and onions are two primary causes of bad breath, but don’t forget that they are the easily forgotten base of this colorful condiment. Most salsas contain onions or garlic, either minced or in powdered form. Even a few bites can put you on the fast track to foul odors.

Red meats are packed with protein, which is made of amino acids. Similar to dairy, these nutrients react with bacteria—but since meat has more protein than dairy, steak generates even more sulfuric compounds than a slice of Swiss cheese.

Alcohol causes dehydration, which means less saliva and more bacteria in your mouth. Plus, red wine can leave a coating on your teeth for bacteria to latch onto. Drinking water regularly while you’re out on the town keeps you hydrated and rinses away stray, stinky bacteria on your tongue.