Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant

Dental implants are anchors for permanent replacement teeth that are made out of titanium and other body friendly materials. They are anchored into the upper or lower jawbone, replacing the tooth’s original root structure. The jaw actually grows around the dental implants integrating them into the structure. Once established, dental implants are undetectable to the patient, allowing them to return to a fully normal life.

Once the dental implants are integrated with the jaw, a replacement tooth, or group of teeth are custom made to attach to the implant. The teeth are shaped and colored using high tech methods to create near undetectable substitution for natural teeth. With dental implants to attach to, these replacements are more stable and comfortable than traditional dentures and other dental devices. After the replacement teeth are in place, patients can bite and chew normally, just as they would with natural, healthy teeth.

Dental Implants and Jaw Health

After teeth are lost, a reduction in bone strength can happen. It can make you look older, and pain and discomfort can prevent normal activity. Your body recognizes and responds to the missing tooth. Fewer nutrients are used to support bone health in that area and are then redirected to other areas, making the problem even more severe.

The titanium anchor of a dental implant fills the area left by the natural tooth’s root. This stimulates the jaw and cues the body to continue supplying the needed nutrients to maintain bone health. This helps to eliminate the risk of the jawbone deteriorating, which can lead to expensive and painful surgeries. Dental implants are the only prosthetic help prevent this.

Let us Handle Your Dental Implants

If you are considering dental implants in Choctaw Oklahoma, Choctaw Dental would love to set up an appointment to consult with you. While dental implants work wonderfully for many patients, it is not the best choice for every individual. The surgical nature of dental implants makes it essential to determine if this procedure is appropriate for you beforehand.

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