Using the latest technologies and techniques we are able to atraumatically remove teeth that are beyond saving.


Unfortunately, due to trauma, decay, or mobility some teeth are beyond saving and need to be extracted or pulled. We understand that losing a tooth can seem like a daunting procedure for patients, but we use profound anesthesia, atraumatic extraction techniques, and the option of sedation in order to make the procedure virtually painless and less traumatic. In most people extractions heal quickly, and any pain associated with the tooth is gone almost immediately after the extraction. The space created after an extraction can cause other teeth to shift and move.

Before the extraction is started we will discuss all of the options in order to best close the space and allow you to continue to function normally. Generally in order to replace the missing tooth or teeth options include: dentures, implants, bridge, and some other options.

If you now have or have had consistent tooth pain in the past that has gone, please make an appointment today so we can discuss the options that will best fit your needs.

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