What Happens When You Don’t Get That Cavity Filled?

What Happens When You Don’t Get That Cavity Filled?

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What Happens When You Don’t Get That Cavity Filled?

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You probably never even noticed it: a speck of decay on one of your back molars. You have been putting off regular visits to the dentist because it is just too difficult to fit one more thing into an already busy schedule.

The next thing you know, you have an excruciating toothache that is getting more painful every day. Soon, you cannot stay away from what you have been avoiding: a visit to the dentist.

Chances are, your dentist is going to have treatment recommendation for you: a root canal. All because you didn’t get that cavity filled back when it was a microscopic spot on your tooth.

When Decay Isn’t Addressed

One of the main reasons to go to the dentist twice each year for examinations is to find problems while they are still small. If your tiny cavity wasn’t big enough to be seen by the naked eye, chances are routine x-rays would have spotted it. Your dentist would have recommended a small filling to prevent the decay from spreading. And you would have been on your way.

Instead, the decay continued to grow. Eventually, the bacteria in your tooth made its way down into the root of your teeth, hitting the pulp and nerves. That is where the awful pain came into play. Luckily, with today’s modern dentistry, a root canal can be performed to save your tooth.

Although a root canal is nothing to be afraid of, it is certainly a more invasive treatment than getting a simple filling.

With a root canal, the dentist has to drill a tiny hole in your tooth to remove the infected tooth pulp. Afterward, the area is cleaned and rinsed to prevent further decay. Your remaining tooth will have to be covered with a dental crown to protect it from fracturing. This treatment could have easily been avoided.

Don’t Put Off Routine Visits to the Dentist